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You can rent a cycle from the resort and roam around the area. The zig zag pathway amidst the tea garden and virgin forests will give you childish pleasure.


It is also one of the favourite destinations for bird watchers in Dooars. The forest boasts about its colourful and beautiful birds like a fishing eagle, shikara, crested eagle, jungle fowl, peaceful partridge, Bengal florican, paradise flycatchers, racket tailed drongo, pied hornbill etc. Chilapata also is known for its butterfly species of diversity.


Tribal dance can be organised at additional cost. The Rava dance along with their local songs depicting their normal livelihood will give you a picture about their lifestyle and society. Their vibrant costumes will add exuberance to the theme. One can also enjoy by participating in the dance with them.


Camp fire with lawn party can be arranged at additional cost. In winter when the temperature hovers around 5 degrees, the warmth of the fire and the starry night can take you to a utopian world, which you can cherish amongst your best memories


 The Chilapata Forest is a dense forest near Jaldapara National Park in Dooars. The forest forms an elephant corridor between Jaldapara National Park and the Buxa Tiger Reserve, The Forest Department organises Jungle Safari for enthusiasts to venture inside the forest. The open gypsy ride is a thrilling experience where there is every possibility to see  Elephants, Bysons, Rhinocerous, Deer, Wild Boars and different types of Birds.

The forest Department Organises 4 trips round the day at different timmings, and booking is done thru their designated portal.


Cooch Behar is the only planned city in the North Bengal region with remnants of royal heritage.[5] It is one of the main tourist destinations of West Bengal, housing the famous COOCHBEHAR PALACE, also called the Victor Jubilee Palace which was modelled after the Buckingham Palace in London and Madan Mohan Temple which is the famous temple of the Koch dynasty. Coochbehar has been declared a heritage city.


 Phuentsoling is a picturesque border town of the country of Bhutan. The border is separated by a long wall with a single Bhutanese gate. Locals can sometimes even cross without being asked for papers. Tourists from India, Bangladesh and Maldives have to show proof of identity such as a passport or voter ID card and apply for a permit at Phuntsholing to enter Bhutan. Phuntsholing is uniquely more urban and distinctly far more quiet and orderly than its neighbour. Tourist can visit here for shopping and to see the unique Gumpas to know more about the religion and culture.


Sikiajhora is a small stream that flows thru the forest within the Buxa Tiger reserve and is situated in North Panialguri of Alipurduar subdivision. A boat ride in this meandering river, where dense thick forest of its side sometimes blocks the rays of sun, is a thrilling experience. Because of this experience its also called the Amazon of West Bengal.


The Toto is a primitive and isolated tribal group residing only in a small enclave called Totopara in the foot of the Himalayas just to the south of the borderline between Bhutan and West Bengal. The Totos are considered as Mongoloid people, with flat nose, small eye, broad and square cheeks, thick lips and small eyes and black iris. Totos were nearly becoming extinct in the 1950s, but recent measures to safeguard their areas by the government has helped the population to grow. According to the 2001 census there are about 1183 Totos in that area.


South Khayerbari Leopard Centre is enclosed with the verdant forested area and sprawled across the bank of the sparkling river Torsa is the safe haven in Dooars region for the feline rescued from the illegitimate animal smuggler, South Khayerbari. Located at a distance of 10km from Madarihat, South Khayerbari is an animal rescue centre which is commonly famous by the name of Royal Bengal Tiger & Leopard Rescue Centre. South Khayerbari got its name after the government passed the law against the use of animal for entertainment purpose in circus. After the commencement of law, forest officials rescued 11 Royal Bengal Tiger from the Hoogly Circus and many leopards from the illicit smuggler hence South Khayerbari the name Royal Bengal Tiger & Leopard Rescue Centre.


Situated about 35 kms from Chilapata, Buxa Tiger reserve is just a 45 minutes drive. Buxa has derived its name from the famous Buxa fort , which used to be the detention centre in 1930s by the British. Buxa National park has a varied types of Orchids and plants with medicinal values. Jayanti a popular tourist spot, is located along the Jayanti river, which forms a natural border with the Bhutan hills. Going thru the sub-tropical forest for Jayanti is an amazing experience. There are other nearby places near Jayanti, like Mahakal, Pokri Lake which are of worth visit.